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Get Your Product Listed in Retailers

From getting the meeting with the buyer, creating the perfect pitch, to securing the listing – we will guide you through the process  and help you get your product on shelf.

Create a Stand out Brand

Everyone wants their brand to get noticed – we show you how you can create a brand that stands out – head and shoulders above its competitors.

Increase Sales of your Products

In farmshops, delis, supermarkets, online – wherever you are selling your product, we help you to sell more!

Create a Winning Marketing Plan

Covering Social Media, PR, Promotions, Events – we show you how to create a winning marketing plan that will help grow your brand.

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what will make a buyer list my product?
how do i get my packaging to meet the regulations?
what margins do buyers expect?
how to calculate a product's true cost
outsourcing production - what you need to know
top tips for getting your product into supermarkets
choosing the right retailers
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  • “Thank you so much for all the work you have put into our brand so far – your dedication and knowledge are impressive. You really know your stuff and I am so happy to have come across your website.”

    Honestly Co


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    Ingrid – Artisan Bread Organic

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    Sylvie Perez Johns – Relish member

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  • “We’re super-impressed with Relish and loving our membership – JOIN NOW!”

    Rachel Hannaford
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  • “We’re enjoying our Relish club membership! Being a relatively new start up, we’ve found lots  of useful things on your site… your packaging webinar was extremely helpful and I have enjoyed reading interviews with real life business owners…”

    Coach House Brewing

  • “I’ve just used the Relish retailer presentation template to great success – thank you!”

    Charlotte Clarkson
    Three Little Pigs

  • “Relish played a key part in helping us secure supermarket listings.”

    Lisa Tse
    Sweet Mandarin

  • “The Relish Membership Club is an excellent source of information for anyone wanting to grow a successful food or drink company.  It’s easy to use and will stop you from making amateur mistakes.”

    Navina Bartlett
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