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Virtual Sales Team

Short on time or expertise?  Let us be your virtual sales team (and marketing team) to help  you execute your sales strategy, target retailers, get listings and more. We can free up your time to focus on the areas in the business that really need you!

Short on time or skills to implement the sales plans? The Relish team can be your virtual sales team – either on a regular or project basis. We can make sales calls, follow-up with buyers, write the emails and organise the sales activities that will help deliver your growth.

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I appreciate that Jo always gives sound and honest advice. She’s very efficient, reliable and always finds creative, cost-effective solutions for our marketing projects. She’s been also a great help with approaching buyers and getting us into retailers as well

Agata, Founder Biokef

Other Services

Product Opportunity

Not sure where to start? Let us define the opportunity & positioning for your brand


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Sales Strategy and Plans

We create actionable, easy to follow Sales Strategies and Plans


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Marketing Strategy and Plans

We create actionable, easy to implement Marketing Strategies and Plans


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Sales & Marketing Implementation

Short on time? Let us help you with your sales and marketing activities


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Retailer Presentations

We create winning retailer presentations to secure those important listings


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Content Planning

Writing not your thing? We can plan and create all sorts of content for you


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Coaching and Mentoring

Ongoing support and advice to really help propel your business forward


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Names and Branding

We can create stand out names & branding making sure you get noticed


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Websites and Packaging Design

We design packaging for your product as well as websites to help sell them


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Product Development

Helping develop your ideas into commercially viable products


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