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Bright Barley came to Relish for help right at the start of their journey – they didn’t even have a product! Their founder was passionate about the sustainability of barley as an ingredient and wanted to raise its profile in the UK. They needed beverage branding that would get them noticed. We therefore started with the research by identifying product and category opportunities and finally settled for the fast growing alt-milk category with a proposed range of flavoured barley “milk” shakes.

Following on from that we created the beverage branding  – not only the design and look, but the tone of voice and copy. We wanted this brand to really have its own character and stand out in a category that was seeing many new entrants.

Once the brand was born, the website and design of the packaging followed. Crucial to both was communicating the key messages about barley and making them fun and engaging.

Whilst the creative team were busy bringing this ancient grain to life through fun engaging characters and bold bright colours, behind the scenes we set to work on the Sales Strategy and Marketing Strategy.

We created an actionable 12-month plan and then the Relish team helped to deliver it. We gained listings, won awards and got great coverage in trade and PR press.

Bright Barley is an exciting new brand – definitely one to watch!

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