Food business consulting for Shaws

Food business consulting for Shaws’ next phase

After a period of recent growth, Shaws came to Relish for help with defining where the next stage of growth would come from. What did they need to do throughout the business to prepare for it? Relish’s food business consulting engagement involved looking closely at many areas of their business.

We conducted a thorough review and evaluation of the sales approach, analysing all opportunities for the business and potential routes to market. The result was a proactive and effective sales strategy that would secure future, sustainable growth.

The next step was to create a marketing plan and campaigns to support their retail sales, ensure longevity in retail and deliver national growth. Building brand awareness was a key part of this which we did by segmenting branding efforts to target highly specific audiences. We also used search result retargeting to establish strong brand recall and prioritised customer engagement in social media.

Finally, we reviewed production capacity and assessed the capital investment planning needed to support future growth. Overall, the consulting, coaching and mentoring lasted for nine months. It gave Shaws a strong foundation to carry their business forward with confidence to the next stage of growth.

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