Unleashing a legendary dish.

We started work on this exciting project back in 2021 when Samantha came to us with a passion to create a Jollof Rice that was accessible to everyone.   Samantha grew up in Ghana and started cooking Jollof Rice at a very young age. It takes hours and hours to create this aromatic tasty dish so as an adult in the UK she had the vision of creating a Jollof Rice incorporating all those authentic West African flavours in a pouch that would be ready to eat in just a few minutes!  This was no mean feat, but Froghop worked wonders and created two delicious recipes – Jollof Rice Original and Jollof Rice Curry flavour.

It was now over to Relish and AllGood to create a brand that did these delicious traditional West African recipes justice.

In West Africa, it isn’t a party unless there is a huge bowl of Jollof Rice on the table, so we really wanted to get across those vibes, along with the West African flavours and traditions.   Inspired by the gorgeous designs of Kente, a Ghanian handwoven cloth, we created our own distinctive Kente design that runs through the brand and gives the party vibes of this dish whilst having strong links to the West African heritage.

In the Branding workshop we also uncovered that the somewhat corporate name that Samantha had chosen wasn’t right and we quickly moved to Obom’s Kitchen which has much more synergy with the brand.

With the branding then rolled out onto the packaging to create 2 stand out products it was time to create the Marketing and Sales Plans and within just a few weeks of launch the brand has already attracted interest from target retailers.  We are currently creating some marketing materials for the IFE Trade Show where Jollof Rice will be launched to the wider marketplace and we are continuing to support them with pitch presentations, social media content and implementing their marketing plans.

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