Iconic food brand development for SNAP Pies

Iconic food brand development for SNAP

Eric’s is a traditional maker of good quality pork pies based in Yorkshire with its eye firmly cast on the future. Staying true to their heritage of making tasty pies they had a keen eye on emerging trends to make sure they were catering for younger and modern tastes.

Relish started working with them at the start of 2019 helping to develop a vegan product range strategy to encompass fresh and frozen range production and distribution, building on the current values of the existing pork pie production.

A modern, vibrant identity

It was quickly clear that this vegan range needed a separate identity and look from the traditional Eric’s brand. Our food brand development process resulted in the modern, vibrant SNAP brand. Snap is a colloquial term for ‘lunch’ in parts of Yorkshire – a reference to the uniquely-shaped, waterproof ‘snap tins’ that miners used to take their food underground in and gave us  the inspiration for the branding.

We then developed a marketing strategy so that the business could deliver a strong and unified message to its existing and potential suppliers and client base.

Through email marketing and social media campaigns and an engaging website we created a lot of excitement before launch – with pre-orders from retailers and consumers alike. The only problem was keeping production up with demand!

Want to find out more about our food brand development process? Watch the webinar recording.

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