Why Creating Engaging Content is so important

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In terms of raising awareness for your food or drink brand – content is king.   Good content is likely to be shared and is a great way of reaching more people without having to pay for advertising.

Good content engages and connects with your consumers.  If you really understand the needs of your consumers you can create content that they want to read.  If for example you are often getting asked the same questions about your product e.g. what sort of recipes can I make with your sauce?   If you write a few hundred words blog about this – you are creating content that people really want the answers to and you will be seen as being helpful and trustworthy and someone that they can rely on.

Google prefers fresh content from websites that are updated regularly, so adding lots of new and interesting content on a regular basis to your website will help to improve your rankings and gain more visitors to your site.

If you’re creating content that your consumers want to read – they start to trust you, finding you engaging and helpful and are therefore more likely to want to buy your product from you.

Remember, it’s not just about quantity of content online – the ultimate goal of any online activity is to create engagement.   A high engagement rate means that  people are enjoying the content they are reading and are more likely to share it and hopefully it will also mean that your  food or drink brand will be front of mind when in the buying mode.

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