With general entry to the Great Taste Awards 2024 opening in less than 2 weeks I thought it would be useful to share our Top Ten Tips on entering the awards to give you the best chance of bagging 1 (or even 2 or 3) of those coveted gold stars.

  1. Goes without saying – and the clue is in the title – these awards are ALL about the taste. You need an exceptionally good tasting product, as it is the taste and texture of your food that will be judged not the packaging.
  2. Not sure which one of your products to enter? Use events/tradeshows to get feedback about flavours – if once sampled people buy and come back to buy again – you know you are onto a winning flavour!  Also, use sales data and be honest about which are the most popular flavours.
  3. Before starting to complete the entry go through the entry criteria carefully and make sure that you meet all the requirements for entry.
  4. Make sure your descriptor of your product is accurate – if you say your product has a strong kick of chilli for example, this is what the judges will expect!
  5. Ask colleagues to check what you’ve written – it’s much easier to spot someone else’s mistakes/omissions than your own!
  6. Check you’ve attached any supporting info required.
  7. Always leave your entry for a day or two and come back and re-read before you send it off.
  8. Make sure you enter as early as you can. Whilst there is a closing date, if they have reached the maximum number of entries before that date, entry will be closed early – so definitely worth entering as soon as you can.
  9. Make sure that when you are asked for samples, you send them in a timely manner, ensuring they are pristine and packaged perfectly so that they arrive in tip-top condition.
  10. Research past winners and look at what made their products stand out. This could provide insights into the expectation of the judges.

If you need any help with completing the entries just drop me an email at jo@relish-marketing.co.uk or call me on 0772 335 1884.