A couple of days ago I was asked to complete a survey for a company that I have made a few purchases from recently. When I rated them 10 out of 10 they asked me to give some reasons why. That got me thinking about online customer experience and, ultimately, how to increase ecommerce sales for your food business.

This company I was reviewing does so much right. It’s always a joy to buy something from them. So I thought if I shared my reasons it might help you think about how to increase ecommerce sales for your food business. See if you’re offering the same level of consumer experience.

  1. Their website is beautiful – gorgeous branding and lifestyle shots as well as really clear product shots – so you know exactly what you’re ordering. (The photo in this post is London Apron website which is another online shop that I think has beautiful food photography)
  2. Their products with prices are on the front page of their website with a big invitation to shop now! (No time wasted trying to find out how you buy!)
  3. Delivery is free (well it’s obviously not – but it’s included in the price) – so no nasty surprises at checkout!
  4. Their website is really, really easy to use – and quick!!
  5. Every time I have ordered either for myself or as a gift the products have arrived on time.
  6. When I’ve ordered for a gift they always let me know when it’s arrived at the destination. No wondering if it’s been received or not.
  7. They reward loyalty – after my first few purchases I was offered a voucher off my next purchase.
  8. They thank me! When I completed their survey (which took me about a minute!), they sent me a voucher for my next purchase.
  9. They don’t bombard me with emails. Whenever they do send me an email, there’s always a point to it!
  10. Finally – although this isn’t one of the reasons that makes me buy from them, but it’s always nice to have 10 points on any list(!) and it is a good thing to do when selling online – they always suggest other products that I may like to add onto my order.

I hope this has given you some ideas to think about. If you’re looking at how to increase ecommerce sales and would like me to review your website, I’d be happy to have a look, just contact me.

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