Having a food brand that jumps out at consumers is crucial. The market is cluttered, and you need consumers to choose yours over the competition even if they haven’t tried your product. This is where the importance of your food brand and packaging comes into its own.

If your brand has got shelf stand out, it will get noticed. I don’t necessarily mean that it has to be the brightest, boldest packaging on the shelf. It depends on what category you’re in. If every other brand in your category is bright and bold, standing out might mean being clean, white and simple.

Standing out in your category

When thinking about your packaging, it’s essential to think about it in the context of your category and where it’ll be on the shelf. Don’t also forget to think about which bit of the pack (side, top, lid etc.) will be most visible to the consumer and make sure your key messages are on there.

Getting into the basket

Even when you’ve passed the first test and your product has been noticed, it’s still not in the shopper’s basket! Consumers need to connect with what they see. Do the key messages, colours and brand elements engage your target consumer? Does the packaging intrigue them enough to pick it up and take a closer look? Once they’ve picked it up, they need to know that it will fit into their lifestyle easily. Is it obvious when, how and why they would use your product? Don’t assume consumers will always know the answers to these questions. By guiding them, you will make it more likely for them to buy. Your packaging is almost taking on the role of a salesperson, giving them reasons to buy.

Tell the story of your food brand

The story behind the product is another way you can intrigue the consumer enough to make them want to buy. Do you have a lovely story behind why you make your product? Is there something unusual or original about where you source your products from? If consumers feel warm towards your product because of your story, it is more of a reason for them to pop your product into their basket. It’s essential to think of the most important thing that sets you apart from your competitors.

So by making sure your brand has excellent stand out on the shelf, you will be enticing consumers to pick up your product instead of competitors. Follow on with a great brand story will help seal the deal and get your product popped in the basket.

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