When you meet someone and they give you their phone number and ask you to phone them – the likelihood is you will. If a relative asks you to send them some photos of your children – you do. If someone asks you to send them a postcard from you holiday – you will. But – weirdly – when someone signs up to your mailing list and asks for you to email them on a regular basis, we often struggle to make it happen. Do you suffer from email reluctance?

All sorts of strange thoughts might go through your head. Such as: why would they want an email from me; what on earth have I got to say that anyone wants to read; or they’re going to delete my email even before opening it. This is what Sales Expert Matthew Kimberley calls “email reluctance” and it is surprisingly common place.

It’s so strange – these people have actively asked you to communicate with them, but you convince yourself that in reality that’s the last thing they want!

Don’t worry – you are not alone – and it’s easy to overcome!

Overcoming email reluctance

You just need to look at it from a different viewpoint. Here are a few key things to consider:

  • Firstly – and most importantly – your list is a group of individuals all of whom have specifically asked you to keep in touch with them – so really, if you don’t, it’s almost a bit rude.
  • Your emails should cover 3 key areas:
    • Educate – everyone loves to learn new things
    • Entertain – everyone likes a laugh and a giggle
    • Sell – this is probably the area that most people find difficult to do. As long as you are helping your contacts out by providing the education and the entertainment parts – of course you can sell to them.  And if you don’t like the “selling” word – you are helping them by showing them a solution, be that for a gift or a need for themselves.  People aren’t going to stop buying things and as these contacts have specifically asked for you to stay in touch with them – the likelihood is they like your product – so be proud of it!
  • If your emails entertain, educate and sell – people will be pleased to hear from you – and indeed if you email them regularly they will start looking forward to your next email.
  • Think about which emails you enjoy receiving regularly and positively look forward to and why
  • Why not ask your audience what sort of information they would prefer to receive from you?
  • Finally – write beautiful delightful emails and you can’t go far wrong!

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