Would you wear your jim jams on TV?


I listened to a great podcast recently by Kevin Bath, founder of JimJam Spreads 

It was a really honest and interesting account of the business journey right from where the idea came from, to securing and managing listings in supermarkets – including the highs and the lows.

But what struck me most was when he was talking about attending a Trade Show and planning on how he could make buyers take notice of his brand. He had the great idea of wearing his jimjams! (pyjamas for those not familiar with jimjams) and slippers at the show?!

Anyway, it did the job as someone came over and asked him if he wanted to be filmed – and he happily agreed thinking it was someone from the show filming highlights.

It actually turned out to be the BBC and he ended up appearing on the BBC 1 Documentary Show Inside Out doing taste tests against his competitors which worked out really well!   It was fantastic PR for a young brand!

Anyway it got me thinking – standing out against your competitors is so important – not only to get listings initially, but then to get consumers to pick up your brand.

You can do with this with great branding and a great story – but it surely must be worth taking some time out to see if you could create a “pyjama” moment for your brand?

If anyone has had similar success with using different ways to get your brand noticed we would love to hear your stories.