What makes your product get noticed?

Another chance to win makreitng advice from RelishWith many of you entering the Great Taste Awards round about now and with Ocado having just announced the launch of their search for this year’s next Top British Supplier, it started me thinking about what it is exactly that makes these winning products catch the judges eyes and receive the much coveted awards.  And following on from that – what makes consumers pick a product up from the shelves?

Clearly a lot of it is about TASTE – after all, delivering a great tasting product to delight the consumer is what it’s all about!  

But when consumers haven’t tasted your product, what makes them pick it up for the first time?  PACKAGING plays a massive part in this.  

If it’s got shelf stand out, it’s going to get noticed.  And by this we don’t necessarily mean the brightest, boldest packaging on the shelf.  It depends what category you are in.  If you are in a category where every other brand is bright and bold, stand out might mean clear white and simple.  When thinking about your packaging it is so important to think about it in context of your category and where it will be on shelf.  Don’t forget also to think about which bit of the pack  (side, top, lid etc) will be most visible to the consumer on shelf and make sure your key messages are there!

Ok – so the first hurdle done and your product’s been  noticed, but it’s still not in the basket!  So how do you go from being noticed to being bought??  The consumer needs to connect with what they see.  Do the key messages, colours, branding engage with your target consumer?  Does the packaging intrigue them enough for them to pick it up and take a closer look?  Once they’ve picked it up, they need to know that it will fit into their lifestyle easily.  Is it obvious when, how and why they would use your product?  Don’t assume consumers will always know the answers to these questions – and by giving them guidance here, you will make it more likely for them to buy.  

The story behind the product, is another key way you can intrigue the consumer enough to make them want to buy.  Do you have a lovely story behind why you make your product, is their something lovely/unusual about where you source your products from for example?  If consumers feel warm towards your product because of your story it is more of a reason for them to pop your product into their basket!

If you have many competitors it is so important to think of the one key thing that sets you apart from them – and often it can be your story and journey and how you communicate that.

Finally, if you are targeting specific groups such as Vegans or Gluten Free – don’t forget to make sure that this stands out on shelf so that you are not missing any of your target consumers.

 So to all of you who are either busy entering awards, or busy thinking about your packaging I hope these insights have helped.  If you want a chat about any of this, do get in touch with me at [email protected] or give me a call on 0772 335 1884.