What makes a “winning” product?

With the exciting news this week that Relish member, Mos Cookie Dough has reached the final 5 of the Ocado Top Supplier 2014 competition, we thought we’d take a look at what is it that makes a winning product and makes buyer’s want to stock it in their stores?

Clearly there are many components that make up a winning product, but here we take a look at some of the main ones:

Does it taste great?
Goes without saying, after all – “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”

Do Consumers want this product?
Clearly, after taste, the starting point has to be – do consumers actually want and/or need this product? Before presenting to retailers this can easily be tested by selling your product at farmer’s markets, fairs, and/or festivals. By attending a regular market you will also be able to build up a picture of repeat business and loyalty to your product which is great to show buyers.

Is the product made with passion, care and love?
Consumers are becoming more demanding about how their products are made and are increasingly looking for products that have been made with time, effort and care – so buyers will be looking for this in your product.

Does my product stand out from the crowd?
Can you show that you differ from the other products on their shelves? Be it a completely new idea, or a new way of presenting a product – make sure you clearly show what is unique about your product.

Does the packaging look good?
For the majority of the time shoppers buying your product for the first time will be buying purely based on how your product looks on shelf and how attractive the packaging is – so do make sure your packaging is doing a good job of selling your product.

Will my product bring incremental sales and new consumers into the category?
Whilst buyers can be blown away by the taste and look of the product, there are commercials to think of – and they will be looking at whether your product will improve their sales by bringing new consumers to the category and/or incremental sales to the category. So if you can show how your product can do this – as well as meeting the above criteria – could be that you have a winning product!

It’s clear to see how Mo’s Cookie Dough  made the final 5 and we wish her all the best for the final round. We managed to grab a quick word with her –(inbetween rounds! –  and this is what she had to say about the competition:

“I am really excited about the chance of being stocked by Ocado, it is such an amazing opportunity. My product is all about spending time together with the people you love, making memories and making cookies. I just hope that I am memorable to the judges!!”