Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Restaurant Business

Top-Plan-Tips-Restaurant-Business (002)Have you heard of the unique restaurants that allow you to eat in the sky, in a treehouse or even surrounded by cats? They are very popular and people write and talk about them, but would you really want to make any of those places your regular dining place? Probably not.

Therefore, don’t obsess about being too original when thinking about how to starting your restaurant. You need a good idea and probably a theme, but if you want a successful restaurant where people gladly come back to spend special moments in their lives – you don’t have to dazzle them every time.

You need good food, excellent service and a couple of clever restaurant business plan strategies and ideas about how to make your restaurant profitable and ensure it running smoothly.

Naturally, the best you can do is to listen to the people who already succeeded in this endeavour, as well as those who tried and failed and analysed what they could have done better.

This is the list of 10 essential tips that will help you with planning different aspects of your restaurant. From organising your kitchen to utilising the social media, here is a precious gem of wisdom for each of these challenges.

Let’s start with where to open your restaurant:

1. Pick the Best Possible Location
A corner of two buy streets would be a perfect location for a restaurant. Even better if has easy access by car or transportation. Compromise on the size of the place if it means that you’ll get a better location. You can make up for a small-sized restaurant, but you can hardly make up for a bad location

2. Design with Social Media in Mind
Your linen, utensils, furniture and overall design need to be useful and easy to use, but they also need to be trendy and interesting. They should inspire people to take photos and share them on social media, as well as to tag themselves in your restaurant. It is the marketing boost you need.

3. Boost Your Social Media Efforts
Designing your restaurant so that everybody wants a picture of their excellent dining experience is not the end of your efforts. You need a website, social media accounts and a lot of time spent building your online base of followers. You also need to set up your restaurant blog.

4. Create the Options to Order and Book Online
You are still not done with your online presence! By introducing the option to order and book online, you can increase your profits and speed up your turnover.

Additionally, it is a great way to relieve the crowds and an excellent solution for small restaurants with a limited number of seating arrangements.

5. Think Long and Hard Before Building Your Kitchen
Bad kitchen design can destroy your business. If you don’t have the right equipment, free workflow enabled and enough room for people to work – it will be a disaster. All the other efforts will be futile if your kitchen staff is not able to produce enough quality meals in a timely manner because of the bad kitchen design.

Make a scheme of the workflow and pinpoint all the critical places that can appear in your kitchen and try to eliminate them in advance. Avoid obvious mistakes like storing the foods that needs to be cooled down by the grill or the frier.

6. Your Menu Reflects Your Restaurant
Once you pick the restaurant theme and place, it is time to organise your menu. Firstly, make sure that you have all the items ready and then put those that bring you the most money to the top and at the end of your menu list. Those are the items people remember most.

As for design, make sure that the font is readable and that the ingredients are listed for every item. The colours and the design should match those of your restaurant.

7. A Bit of Something for Everyone
There is always a way to introduce some menu items for vegans, those who prefer gluten-free meals or have other dietary restrictions. Even a restaurant has a menu that mainly consists of grilled meat can find the way to create a menu item that involves only grilled vegetables and tofu.

Surely, people with different dietary requirements have their own specialised restaurants, but if you want your venue to be a place where people bring their loved ones for celebrations and business lunches, you have to cater to these options, as well and make everyone feel welcome.

8. Set Impeccable Hygienic Standards
Every potential restaurant owner who wants to know how to run a restaurant business will be acquainted with a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to hygienic levels. They are necessary in order to serve healthy food and prevent poisoning and different diseases.

However, you can and should do better than simply meeting that criteria. Put your standards even higher and make your restaurant shine every time day or night.

9. Brush Up Your Exterior
Don’t just focus on the inside of your restaurant when setting your standards for cleanliness. Your facade and the outdoors need to be clean and fresh also. Don’t neglect them since they can put off potential customers even before they enter your venue.

10. Dress for Success
If you pick nice and well-designed uniforms for your staff, the benefits will be manyfold. Your staff will have a better attitude toward work and have a sense of belonging to the collective.

Your guests will perceive them and your establishment as more professional and trustworthy. You will boost both your employee work ethic and your brand image.

While these 10 tips on how to start a restaurant are very valuable for a prospective restaurant owner, they are just a top of an iceberg. These will provide you with a good direction for your plans and ideas, but there is so much more to learn and think about.

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