Tips to improve online sales of your food or drink products

Whether you are selling purely online or whether that is just one of your sales routes, we are sure you will find the tips below helpful in increasing the sales you make online.

  • Facebook and Twitter are great tools in increase your online sales. Build the following first and engage with them on these platforms and use frequent links to your online shop as your followers increase. You could also look at Facebook ads and Promoted Tweets should you want to give sales a particular push at any one time or have excess stock of a certain product.
  • Links – make sure you have plenty of links throughout your website to the online shop page – and keep updating the content via your blog (with plenty of links to your shop in the blog posts too!)
  • Upsell, Cross-sell and Promote – think of ways can you encourage customers to buy additional products? E.g. “if you like this product we think you’ll like xxx product….” Or maybe encourage them to buy a gift pack as a present for someone?
  • Online Retailers – as well as your own online shop, it’s worth considering setting up an account with an existing online food market, such as BigBarn. For a reasonable margin or set up fee you can instantly promote your brand and sell your products to an existing audience who are already interested in buying.  Big Barn has been going for 14 years now and has 1000’s of consumers visit the site every day looking for products to buy. It has appeared in The Times 20 favourite Food websites: Gordon Ramsay said “‘BigBarn is simple to use and helps consumers connect with producers” and it can certainly help increase your sales too. Here is what one happy producer has to say, “‘It’s a great service which has increased our number of customers. We sell out of our product months in advance now. I recommend it to people without hesitation.”  Setting up with BigBarn will automatically give you fraud protection and SEO too, as each product gets its own webpage attached to BigBarn. If you want to explore this option you can get in touch with Anthony Davison the founder of Big Barn directly on 01480 890 970 – BigBarn CIC (Social Enterprise)
  • Think Long Term – try and make sure you capture the cutomer’s details when they buy from you online – how can you then ensure you develop a relationship with this first time customer to ensure they become a loyal customer and one of your “tribe”? Think about offering them exclusive “early bird” discounts , sending them news of your awards, new products… there are many ways you can engage with these customers to convert them to your fans. Our FREE tips sheet on “Creating a winning email marketing campaign” may give you some ideas here. You can sign up for a copy HERE.

Good luck with trying out some of these ideas!