There are many hurdles to launching a new food product….

OLIO.There are many hurdles to launching a new product. Finding out whether it appeals to consumers and making sure you produce the right amounts are included in the challenge. Fortunately there is now a FREE tool you can use that will distribute sample stocks across the UK and give you consumer feedback. This tool is called OLIO and it is a free app enabling producers, distributors and end users to connect with local communities so food and other items can be shared.
The app connects 160,000 consumers sharing food in the UK with 24% of them in London and has a network of over 11,000 volunteers. Thanks to this network, we are able to help food producers and distributors ensure every consumable unit in their stocks reaches an end consumer.
The system is simple: if you want us to distribute your products, we will identify volunteers who you can deliver the items to.  Upon receipt, the volunteer will advertise the items on the app, which will send a notification to the nearby community of consumers who will then request the items and come collect them from the volunteer’s home. Over the last 18 months a quarter of a million items of food have been redistributed via the app in the UK.
OLIO is an alternative distribution channel that gives you access to a unique and reliable route to market. We are able to trace items, be responsive and take on stock with as little as 2 days notice. We can ensure your stock reaches an end consumer regardless of whether its new, discontinued, short dated, mislabeled or has damaged packaging.  Furthermore, we are able to collect feedback from our community about your product at no cost.  
We are already working in partnership with many food production and distribution brands. Sainsbury’s, Rebel Kitchen, Kru Cafe and Tesco are all familiar with our volunteer distribution channel and have already used it to either get feedback on products or reduce their waste production.  
Using OLIO as a means to market your product will achieve far more than giving you brand recognition and consumer insight. People sharing food on our app promotes social integration which you will also be able to claim in your communications. Using OLIO will highlight your band’s interest in food sustainability and give you a highly press-worthy story to share.
If you want to help us bring more stock onto our platform and take part in the food sharing revolution from a product placement perspective please get in touch via [email protected] We would love to work in partnership with you  and make OLIO your alternative distribution channel for promotional activities.