The growth of smaller food & drink brands identified as a key trend for 2016

The joys of being a food producer

It is heartening to read that “New Business Nutrition” have identified the growing importance of smaller food and drink brands as a key trend for 2016.    They assign this trend to the fragmentation of consumer beliefs about food which is opening up doors for start-ups and small food brands.

Consumers are wanting – more than ever – more choice, more novelty and more variety when they come to selecting what food and drink brands to buy and consume.

“The 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health” report states that this consumer search for novelty and variety is opening up lots of niche areas – mainly premium –  that start-ups and smaller brands are better suited to meet than the big brands.

This is great news for all small artisan food and drink brands out there.  Here’s to a successful 2016!