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Keep calm and buy value

Whilst they’re not having the easiest time of late, the recent re-branding of the former Tesco value range is a good example of working social and consumer behaviour trends.

Whilst the improvements in quality can only be a good thing, it’s the actual design of the new brand that I think is particularly interesting. Having inspected it in detail in store yesterday (I know, I need to get out more), I was instantly struck by 3 ideas:

  • Vintage
  • Wartime economising
  • Pulling together ‘for victory’

The subtly vintage and simple design called to mind the old fashioned corner grocery shop. That in turn made me think of wartime rationing, the need to ‘make more with less’ and have every penny spent count for two. With those nostalgic thoughts in mind, I couldn’t help but feel warm and positive towards the brand, as though I would somehow become a cleverer shopper, pulling together with my fellow Brits in hard times by buying it. 

And that is radically different to my previously fairly negative view of supermarket value brands.

Only time will tell whether their working the wave of Britishness sweeping the country as the Jubilee approaches (I’ve no doubt this relaunch is timed to ride that wave) will deliver, but I for one will be surprised if they don’t see sales increase.

How does that apply to smaller brands?

Well the principle of keeping up with social and behaviour trends, as well as what is going on in the food industry, applies to any brand, no matter what the size. Whilst being a chameleon who changes to adapt to every fad or phase is definitely not advisable, subtly working the marketplace to appeal to what is fashionable, perhaps with a new flavour variety or promotion, can be a worthwhile tactic to both drive sales and engage your consumers to like you even more.

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