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Top time-saving tips for Twitter & Facebook

We visited Harrogate Speciality Food Show earlier this week and had some great conversations with our members and other exhibitors at the show.

One consistent theme came through time after time – just how hard it can be to make the time for tweeting, posting on Facebook and so on. So here are our top 5 tips for making managing your social media quicker and easier:


1. Pick a platform

Rather than being overwhelmed by spinning lots of plates at once, pick one platform – Twitter or Facebook first makes most sense – then focus only on that for a few weeks. Giving one route more attention will pay dividends and getting the others off the ground will be much easier once you  have a burgeoning following, already fairly engaged with you and interested in what you do next.


2. Tool up!

Set up an account with one of the main tools for managing your social media accounts – Hootsuite and SocialOomph are both decent ones (we use Hootsuite). Once set up, this will allow you to schedule multiple posts in one quick burst, across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social medium you are already up and running with. Just set and forget!


3. Twitter lists

Set up a list for the key people you want to engage with on Twitter then go through your followers and add the relevant ones to the list. That way, when you can only spare a few moments, you can scan that list instead of your whole Twitter feed and pitch in on anything relevant. If you’ve not done a list before, here’s how:


Choose ‘Lists’ from the top right menu

Go to ‘Create list’ and set up the name of the list you want (e.g. My favourite foodie folk – you can also choose whether to keep it private or make it public)


Go back to your Followers list, click on the dropdown box then ‘Add or remove from lists’ and tick the box to add that person to your list



4. Go mobile

If you have a Smartphone, adding the Twitter and Facebook apps means you can check in for 30 seconds whilst you’re standing at the stove or stuck in traffic (clearly not whilst moving of course!). 


5. Topic terror!

It’s easy to get tied in knots worrying about what to say and ending up not saying anything. Remember the old ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish & chip paper’ adage? The same goes for tweets and FB posts. I read a statistic recently that  the lifespan of a Facebook post is no more than 40 mins (ie. if it’s not been seen in that time, it won’t be) – it’s even less for tweets.

Just dive in for a couple of minutes at a time – take note of posts you like so you can emulate them then dive in, the water’s warm! 🙂 


So the moral is, it really does only need to take you a few minutes here and there to get things off the ground; once you’re up and running it becomes second nature and no longer seems such a chore.

Good luck!

PS. What time saving tricks do you use? Do share them with a comment below, we’d love to hear them.