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The best way to drive your sales in delis & farmshops

There are many things to get right to really make a success of your brand in delis & farmshops (see our free tips sheet on Getting into Delis & Farmshops for starters), but there’s one technique we always recommend: IN STORE SAMPLING.

Whilst it takes a bit of organising, we can categorically say that it is one of the best ways to drive sales and raise awareness of your brand so shoppers look for it in future. And of course, by supporting your brand in store, you are also supporting the retailer, further strengthening that relationship too. Win, win, win!

Here are 4 ways to make in store sampling work for you in Delis & Farmshops:

  1. Multiply the effect – try arranging a special offer that is only valid on the day, for example buy 2 packs and get x free; this will help to further increase the number of tasters who convert to actually buying there and then.
  2. Recipes & reminders – could you offer a take home recipe card, using the product they’ve just tasted? Might just keep your brand top of mind when they’re cooking at home… Or perhaps a voucher for their next purchase (you’d have to agree that with the retailer in advance)…
  3. Talk & taste – wherever possible, try to do the sample yourself, or have a trusted brand supporter do it. There is no substitute for the passion you or your team have for the brand, and that background story, heritage and excitement will come across to the potential customer.
  4. Capture contacts – a contacts list of interested customers is a goldmine of potential business for the future. At every opportunity, try to capture names and email addresses, via a competition entry or other offer, so you can keep in touch and build that long term relationship

So if you haven’t done so already, why not call up a couple of your key customers and offer them a sampling day? You should be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Post below how you’ve made in store tastings work for you…