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Is your packaging attracting the consumer or confusing them?

Recently a friend did the following selective attention test on me.   Some of you may know it already – if not give it a go!  You may be surprised at the results.

If like me you were so focused on what you had been asked to do that you missed the obvious – don’t worry, you are certainly not alone.

Whilst it’s just a bit of fun it does actually demonstrate that people can’t actually take in that many messages at once.

So think carefully about your packaging – are you making the messaging clear to the shopper – or are you trying to put down on the pack all the benefits of your product (and more!) – because you want them to know just how good it is!

Sometimes less is more.  Think of your packaging like a newspaper – you need  a headline message to jump out from the pack to grab the shopper’s attention so that they pick it up.

Once the product is in their hand, they can then look for the messages that are pertinent to them i.e. is it gluten free?  is it 100% natural?   is it low in sugar?   But your aim in crowded stores is to have packaging that stands out from the crowd – and often that is having a clear message on an uncluttered pack.  Remember – shoppers don’t spend that long – a mere few seconds – browsing the fixture.

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