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5 Reasons Why Every Food or Drink Business Should Blog!

Blog - free dig photyBlogging is a great, cost effective marketing tool, but not all food and drink businesses seem to do it – and I am completely aware that sometimes it is a question of not enough time to do everything!  

However, if you are thinking about embarking on blogging and want to check you are spending your time well here are our 5 reasons why blogging can really benefit your business and bring short and long term results!

1. Drives traffic to your website
We don’t all update our websites with fresh content regularly, so writing a blog post is an excellent opportunity to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website. Every time you write a blog, you’re writing content that can be shared on social media too e.g. Facebook, twitter, so you are potentially reaching a new audience that don’t know you yet!

 2. Convert the traffic into leads
Each blog post you write is an opportunity to generate leads if you add a call-to-action in every post e.g. free e-book, free trial, coupon etc.

 3.  Position your brand as the expert
Creating helpful, relevant content will help establish yourself as experts in your field and connect with your consumers.   Writing about your new products, different eating occasions, sharing recipes, events etc will enable consumers to get to know your business and get them to see you as the expert in your area of food or drink.

 4. Develop better customer relationships
Blogs will help deepen the connection with your customers, so need to be written regularly.  Blogs link through to your website, so customers will be able to get to know your business from the comfort of their home.


5. Drive long term results
Even when you may not be working, that blog is still working for you! It ranks in the search engines, so for days, weeks and months to come you can still be getting traffic and leads from that blog post.


 We’d love to chat to you about blogs; so if you need any help or advice on writing blogs or in creating your blog marketing planner, then call Jo on 07723 351884 or email us at [email protected]