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How to De-Seasonalise Your Product and Increase Sales

I spend a lot of time helping clients with seasonal peaks and troughs in sales.  When the summers are cold and wet my soft drinks clients panic, when it’s really hot my chocolate clients aren’t too happy!   So we talk about ways of how you can sell your product when it’s traditionally not your peak selling season.

It can be as simple as educating people into eating your product  in new ways at different times of the  year. For example Tipple Tails who make luxury  fruit cakes (which have traditionally been eaten at weddings, Christmas and Easter) do a fantastic job of offering different eating occasions – with cheese & wine for an evening supper, al fresco with  a glass of bubbly for summer festivals and picnics, as an energy boost for cycling and walking – you get the picture!

A larger brand example is Cabury’s Creme Eggs which are very much sold at Easter traditionally, but with new packaging Cabury Screme Eggs were on the shelves at Halloween!

I came across a wonderful example from Salcombe Dairy the other day which I would like to share with you too.  Obviously ice-cream traditionally sells a lot more in the summer months (especially when we have a good summer!)   To increase their sales in the Winter Period not only have they launched particularly Winter/Xmassy flavours such as Cinnamon Ice-Cream, Brandy Butter and Champagne Sorbet (an ideal palette cleanser after Xmas Dinner) but they have also launched a Christmas Pudding Ice-Cream:

salcombe-dairy-ice-creamMade with milk and cream mixed with brandy dried fruit and spices and topped with an indulgent Brandy Butter Ice-Cream – it really is a rival to the traditional Christmas Pudding – and certainly succeeds in giving ice-cream it’s proper place in the heart of Winter – not a traditional peak selling time for Ice-cream.

If you would like any advice on how to increase your sales outside of your traditional selling season just drop me a line at [email protected] or call me on 0772 335 1884.