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FREE E-Book: Getting Ready for Retail

https://www.dreamstime.com/-image10346686The last couple of months I have enjoyed working very closely with 2 food producers who have big plans to get into the supermarkets.   I have been helping them get “retail ready” – which although has been a lot of work for everyone involved has been very rewarding.

I have written an e-book to help with the process of getting retail ready covering:

1. Are you retailer ready?
2. Which retailer first?
3. Getting the meeting
4. Get pitch perfect
5. Staying on shelf

It includes tips from winning brands who have had success in retail and also advice from smaller brands who have very recently gone through this process and can remember the pitfalls and what they wish they had known at the time!!

As it’s a Friday – and a sunny one at that! – we are giving away copies of this book to the first 50 people who email in to [email protected] and tell us in one short sentence why this book will be useful to you.

Happy Reading!

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