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Buy British Trend Gives UK Food Producers a Boost

Following on from my visit to The Great British Exchange in the beautiful countryside just outside Harrogate – a town buzzing with independent delis and gift stores, I’m delighted to introduce a guest blog from Matthew Hopkins, Managing Director of The Great British Exchange who talks about the growing trend of buying British and what it means for food producers.

New figures from The Great British Exchange show that the trend to buy locally produced and British made food products and gifts is continuing.

The company shipped 10,000 boxes of British made product to UK stores and sold 200,000 units on behalf of its network of handpicked manufacturers in 2017.

The latest statistics show that it is helping a growing number of independent food producers onto the shelves of high street stores and supporting a rising consumer trend to buy British.

The GBE actively seeks out the most exciting and innovative British food producers and works with them to make them retail ready.

We sort out the practicalities which make it possible to join the dots between small start-up businesses and big stores. What we are effectively doing is turning the supply chain on its head and if buyers are going to source limited volumes of small batch products from a wide range of different makers there needs to be someone sorting out the logistics.

We are now introducing 15 new British brands to the UK supply chain every week and this is giving retailers a key point of difference as well as supporting some exciting homegrown talent.

Interest in British made and locally produced food products has increased significantly in the past year. We have seen a far higher level of interest in British goods from gift retailers over the past 12 months than previously and a large part of that growth can be attributed to consumer demand for locally sourced and unique food gifts.

As well as sourcing British goods for large retailers such as John Lewis, Dobbies and Forest Holidays, the Great British Exchange works with 2,500 independent stores

The Great British Exchange was launched to offer buyers the newness and variety they crave and make it as easy as possible for them to stock the latest hot British brands.