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Keep Things Simple…..

This Month I thought it would be good to keep things simple and look at some ingredients shots. I regularly photograph ingredients for the ‘In season’ feature for Asda Magazine. It is also become a more common feature for a few of my other clients, as they want to show their consumers exactly what goes into their recipes.

I thought we’d start off with this relatively simple shot of some mushrooms. There are a few ways I could have approached this, but on shoots my shots are slightly dictated by the props that we have been provided. So with this shot I tried to make it feel as rustic as possible by introducing the torn brown paper, to resemble a paper bag you might get mushrooms given in at a market, and I also placed the knife next to the cut mushrooms, again adding another relevant element of interest within the shot.

Mushrooms-Asda Magazine. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD.

If I were to shoot these mushrooms again and could choose the props, I would probably take the shot in the woods somewhere with a nice stonewall and a wicker basket, as if the mushrooms have just been picked there and then. I think this would give a very nice relaxed and rustic image. Again I would include a dirty knife that would have been used to cut the mushrooms from the ground.

Next is the passion fruit. Not the prettiest of fruit from the outside, but as soon as you cut into it, it becomes a lot more compelling. I made this into a kitchen style preparation shot with some of the fruit whole and some sliced. I also wanted to show how juicy they are, so I made some mess on the wooden chopping board. It’s all about trying to make your composition as interesting as possible.

Passion Fruit-Asda Magazine. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD.

Now we move onto a feature I shot for Weight Watchers Magazine for their ‘Fill up fast’ feature. In this section of the magazine they shoot the recipes and the ingredients all over-head. This gives the feature a visual consistency throughout.

Pork Escallops Ingredients –Weight Watchers Magazine. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD.

You can see in this image that there were a lot of elements to include. I tried to make it as interesting as possible by putting the chopping board on a slight angle, placing the meat on some brown paper as if it had just come straight from the butchers, putting the paprika on a spoon, opening the egg so we could see inside, and scattering a few herbs. It’s all about making the images feel real!

And finally, the last ingredient shot is another recipe shot I photographed for a company called ‘Three Little Pigs’. They are a company based in Hull that produces Chorizo and Salami. It’s lovely!!

Paella Ingredients- Three Little Pigs. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD.

As you can see I have taken a similar approach to this as I did for the Weight Watchers shot. Ingredient shots where you have a lot of components tend to work best if you shoot them overhead. Even though the composition is exactly the same, this image has a completely different look and feel, and this is all down to the lighting and props.

Every image in this feature has been lit using daylight. It’s just the way you control that daylight that can change the way an image feels. In the Weight Watchers image it is quite a soft light making it feel light and airy. In this image, we have much more contrast and harsh shadows, but it shows off the Chorizo perfectly!