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Cooking Up Success – food marketing mentoring, sharing stories & learnings

I have just come back from a morning spent at the British Library where I was invited to be a food marketing mentor at a “Cooking Up Success”  speed mentoring event.

Along with 5 other mentors – all in different specialist areas, all related to food and drink – we chatted to about 30 food producers.  Some had their product all ready to go and were set for making the next move into retail, others were right at the start of their journey with their idea and passion and all fired up to start!

Apart from the enthusiasm and passion and clear love for what they were all doing, the majority of them said the same thing – that sometimes they felt all alone and just wanted someone to bounce ideas off .   Which is why events – such as this Cooking Up Success event  – are so important to small food producers.  Social media is great for engaging with other food producers and asking for support – but sometimes you just need that face to face interaction too.

At the end of the morning the room was buzzing with mentors and food producers alike sharing stories and learnings, swapping email addresses & advice,  arranging to meet up for coffee & have skype calls.  It was fantastic to be part of it.

I would recommend to all food producers out there who sometimes feel that they are all alone – do  befriend other food producers – either on social media or at networking events/markets/shows – it really does help to share your stories and learnings.

Here at Relish we have a members Facebook group where all our members can ask  advice from fellow producers – be it specific advice about where to source a certain type of jar or whether it is more for moral support – it does make a difference.  That is the very reason why we created an Extra Helpings membership package where you can call up Relish or drop us an email anytime and ask for help and support – a bit like having your very own Food Marketing Mentor!   If you want to find out more, email [email protected].