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How to get great results from sampling

2012-06-14 14.04.47I’m sure all of you at some stage or other sample your food or drink products.  If not – here’s 5 reasons why it’s absolutely crucial!

  1. Consumers are 91% more likely to buy a product having tasted it.
  2. Spontaneous brand awareness increases by up to 90%
  3. For every 1 person that enjoys your product they will tell 4 other people
  4. You can share your passion about your proudct face to face
  5. You can get immediate feedback

And here’s 5 tips to ensure you achieve maximum results from your sampling be it at a show, farmer’s market, in store or in the community.

  1. Create a brand experience – people are more likely to buy your product if they can easily see how it will fit into their lifestyles and they understand how to use it. It’ll help bring your brand to life and make it more fun and engaging.
  2. Tell your brand story – Consumers will be fascinated by your brand story & will want to know how it all began. Your passion and enthusiasm for your products will help you engage with consumers
  3. Break the Mould – Don’t feel tied to the traditional table format for sampling. This can sometimes cause a barrier between you and your customers if you stand behind the table.
  4. Lead generation – It’s not just about sales on the day, it’s about future customers too. Try and collect people’s email addresses and use these for future marketing campaigns. They may not have bought today but could be a customer of the future.
  5. Tell people about your sampling event – Communicate with your customer database, PR, through social media and your website before the event. Encourage people to visit your event by offering a competition, money off voucher or the opportunity to try a new product

Good luck with your next sampling event!  If you need any help or have any questions do get in touch at: [email protected]