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Track your tuna – how to use your ingredients to connect with consumers

Just had to write a quick post about the new John West Tuna ad campaign, that you may have seen on TV this past week or two.

Demonstrating their continued commitment to innovation (we loved their advert with the bear a few years ago!) they have recently begun adding a code to each can of tuna, that allows the consumer to track where their fish actually came from. Buyers can go the John West website, type in the code, and find out where that particular batch was fished.

This is such a simple and yet powerful idea – and one being used more and more often to help brands connect their consumers with the provenance of the foods they produce – an increasingly difficult thing to achieve as you grow.

Cook, the frozen foods brand for example, have the name and signature of the person who cooked that particular meal in their factory on the front of each pack. New ready meals brand Look what we found! show the photo and background of the supplier of their ingredients within the name of each product.

The beauty of this approach is that this information is readily available to every food producer – you know better than anyone how much care and attention you put into sourcing the best ingredients for your products – and by sharing it with your consumers, you are helping them to feel better connected to the food they buy and eat, and giving them greater trust in you as a producer.

Why not take a look at your sourcing and see how you could add that personal connection to your packaging? 

We’d love to hear from you if you are using this approach with your food or drink brand – do post a comment below!