Scaling up your Food or Drink Business

Motivated after SummerIf I had a chocolate button for every time a food or drink producer said to me “But I don’t have time to do everything myself” – I would have a chocolate supply for life!!

It’s always a tricky situation, as in the early days you often don’t have the cash to pay people to help you, but also it’s when you need to invest lots of time in your business too!

Clearly there will probably come a point with your business where you will need to outsource –  or at least get help with some areas –  be it the manufacturing, accountancy or sales and marketing.   It can be a scary time and finding the right person/people to help you can be a daunting task.

So here are some key things you should be looking at  when thinking about getting marketing or sales help to take your business to the next level.

Case Studies
It is always useful to check out work they have done with other clients, particularly ones that are similar to your own business.  Don’t be afraid to ask for their contact details so that you can call them directly to find out

Check that they practice what they preach
If they are going to be helping you with your marketing and sales it would be reassuring to know that they do a good job of selling and marketing their own business!

Are they listening?
Make sure they are actually listening to what you want to achieve and are suggesting solutions that specifically fit your business and not just what they have done previously.  Whilst you do want tried and tested ideas, you also do want to know that someone is taking the time to really understand your business and your needs.

Do they know your specific industry?
Whilst people often say if you are good at sales and marketing you can sell and market any product – don’t underestimate the importance and value of people having experience in your particular industry – and also the passion for that area!

Are they a good fit with your business?
Do their interests and motivations align with your long-term goals?  It is important to have a good relationship with whoever you choose to outsource to so it will be key that they are a good fit for your business.  Would a massive corporate agency really be right for your start-up business for example?










As you grow your business you may find that you need to outsource