Review: Gourmet Tiffin Meals and Salads from Street Monkey

Describing Street Monkey’s range of Gourmet Indian Tiffin Meals and Salads as “ready meals” does not do them justice at all; as quality wise they are miles apart from any other Indian Ready Meals I have ever tasted – indeed they are much better quality than food I have eaten at Indian restaurants.And all delivered in a lovely Tiffin style with a funky name and great branding!

In Mumbai, over 200,000 Tiffin meals are made fresh at homes and delivered to office workers each day and Street Monkey have brought this Tiffin idea to the UK by making delicious and healthy, home-made Indian food and packaging in their own modern Tiffin.

Each Tiffin is a complete meal for 2 containing 250g of the main curry, 250g of Potato and Chickpea Curry and 300g of Pea Pilau Rice.

There are 3 varieties in the main range: Old Delhi Buttered Chicken, 1st Class Railway Lamb and Spicy Goan Coconut Beef. All of these meals were equally delicious, the meat being so succulent and it is reassuring to know it has been sourced from local ethical farms. The ingredients list is completely clean and there is a high percentage of meat in all the meals. The balance of all the different flavours and spices is just perfect in all the variants – all blending really well and bursting with delicious flavours. In addition the meals are free from artificial ingredients and gluten and wheat free.

They are ready to eat in 5 mins – and it is amazing that you can have such high quality food in such a convenient and quick format.

The salads too were a fabulous accompaniment, the Keralan Carrot Slaw was a real winner with me!

When I asked Sonia, co-founder of Street Monkey why their meals tasted so much better than other ready meals, she explained: “Making good Indian food takes a bit more effort than using a jar of sauce/paste but you need to have someone cooking who knows what they are doing! Also, the process of dumping some sauce on pre-cooked meat will never get you the authentic flavours of Indian food and it’s this process that is used to produce other ready meals!”

Having tasted these meals, I am now excited to try their NEW Healthy Vegan range which consists of delicious-sounding dishes such as; Golden Temple Daal & Spinach, Sri Lankan Butternut Squash Curry and Coconut & Black Pepper Green Beans.

If you want to find out more you can follow their news @SMTiffin