Review: Authentic Mexican Sauces from Laterra Artisan Harvest

With Cinco De Mayo – a Mexican festival full of colour, vibrancy and Mexican food and drink-  just a couple of weeks away it is perfect timing to publish this review on the Laterra Artisan Harvest range of Mexican sauces and marinades.

There are 11 products in the range including marinades and sauces and a seasoned Mexican salt.

With such exciting flavours as Savoury Mexican Tomatillo sauce, Mexican Spicy Sweet Chipotle Sauce and Mexican Spicy Sweet Cranberry Chipotle Sauce it was difficult to know which one to start with!

However, as Tomatillo Sauce (or Salsa Verde) is the most common culinary sauce in Mexico I thought I would start there.

The bottle says the sauce is good for cooking, grilling, finishing and dipping.  However, their website is packed full of recipe ideas and even has a handy downloadable recipe book that not only provides inspiration for meals but also gives interesting information about the ingredients used to make the sauces.  For example, did you know that the tomato originated from Mexico and is derived from the Aztec name xitomatl?

I chose the Steak Tacos to make with the Tomatillo Sauce as a dressing on top – and it was delicious – it really elevated the dish to a new level, adding a tasty zing.  Really fresh tasting too.


I was very intrigued ty the Mexican Savoury Sweet Mango Sauce so tried that one next and just drizzled it onto a salad at lunchtime. Again, it took the dish to a whole new level – making my somewhat boring salad much more flavoursome and enticing!  It’s not too sweet at all but really fruity at the same time – I can envisage lots of dishes where this would be an ideal addition.

I’m very much looking forward to trying the rest in the range.   Definitely going to give the Tamarind Chilli Prawn recipe a go this weekend for the BBQ using the Mexican Savoury Sweet Tamarind Sauce– given the weather forecast!

To see the full range of the sauces, marinades and dips visit