Relish Review – Slice of Nice Fudge

For those who know me you will know that I am rather partial to a piece of fudge every now and again!!  So I was delighted to be asked to review some delicious sounding flavours of fudge by Slice of Nice:  Dark Chocolate Swirl and White Chocolate & Raspberry with hint of Lime.

It was with great anticipation that I set about this tasting and funnily enough I had lots of people offering to help me with it!

I started with the Dark Chocolate Swirl – which I have to say was absolutely divine.  First of all the texture was so smooth and creamy – but it wasn’t over sweet, thus allowing the rich flavour of the dark chocolate to really shine through.  Against my better judgement I saved some for the younger members of the Relish Team ( aged 6 and 7!) both who declared it “awesome” despite professing not to like dark chocolate!

The White Chocolate and Raspberry was equally as popular.  It was fantastic to have so many raspberry pieces throughout the slice of fudge and the hint of lime really gave it a distinctive flavour.   Again the texture was beautiful – really smooth and creamy.  Very clever how it was not oversweet either, as  usually I am not a big fan of white chocolate as it is too sweet for me.   The balance of flavours here really worked a treat.

The fudge is simply and beautifully presented.  To see all the range of delicious flavours visit their Facebook page.