Relish Review – Bhaji Man’s Chicken Curry Spice Kit

I was really excited to try out Bhaji Man’s – Mummy’s Yummy Chicken Curry Kit, after reading his story on pack of his childhood memories of eating this curry with his family in Sri Lanka.  I opened the pack with intrigue and found 3 separate sachets of spices and herbs.  Bhaji Man explains on pack that the secret of creating the perfect curry is adding the spices precisely at the right moment.  Loving a curry myself, but usually sticking to the jarred curry sauces (except at weekends of course, when the takeaway gets a call), I thought I’d put Bhaji Man to the test…

Firstly, I felt like I was creating a real curry from scratch as I had to add a few additional ingredients (ginger, lemon grass, garlic, chilli, white wine vinegar, etc).  The chicken thigh pieces were marinated with the first sachet of spices and these additional ingredients and left for 20 minutes to become infused with all the different flavours. 

 Next I had to add the marinated chicken to a hot pan with the second sachet, adding onions for a further 20 minutes.  At this point, the wonderful aroma from the pan was intensifying.  Tinned tomatoes were added for a further 15 minutes, before adding the final sachet of spices which included a whole cinnamon, mustard seeds, cardamom pods and whole peppercorns.  The smells were amazing and as it continued to cook in the pan, it had the look and feel of a real authentic curry from a restaurant.

 The anticipation of the tasting was almost too much to bear.  The finished dish looked amazing; a richness in colour, a fragrant aroma, a true sense of authenticity with the added spices.  The curry was quite spicy but not too fiery (as my usual hiccups would have occurred!).  It had a real depth of flavour and left a pleasant tingly feeling on your tongue. 

So, Bhaji Man you have well and truly passed the test!  I really did feel like I had created an authentic curry at home.  I wouldn’t normally have all the spices and herbs used in this recipe, so this curry kit was a really convenient way of creating an authentic dish at home.  My husband and I loved it!

 To find out more about Bhaji Man visit him on to see his full product range and some great recipe ideas.