Relish Product Review: TopHat Teacakes

As a lover of marshmallow, biscuits and chocolate I was pretty convinced I was going to like TopHat Teacakes – but I hadn’t appreciated what a wonderful all round experience it was going to be.

Top Hat Teacakes mixed boxThe packaging is delightful – very quintessentially British – with the chocolate teacakes themselves nestling invitingly inside the clear packaging.  The flavours all have quirky personalities:- there is The Earl of Original; Lord Choc A L’Orange; Sir Hazel Nut Nut; Ruby Raspberry Riches – and the “TopHat Teacake” I chose to try was Lady Toffee Nose!

Although they truly do look too good to eat I did eventually dive in and was not disappointed.  There was a thick layer of creamy chocolate on the outside (not the disappointingly paper thin chocolate that often enrobes biscuits and cakes – this was properly chunky!!) and the soft mallow and toffee filling inside was sumptuously sweet and delicious, with the crunchy biscuit underneath giving a good contrast of texture.  

 On top of the packaging there is a gift label – and whilst indeed they would make a wonderful gift for many different occasions – I think I would prefer to eat them myself!!

Top Hat Teacakes winning awardCasey, the creator of TopHat Teacakes has lots of exciting plans for the future and has already won a gold award for her Chocolate Orange Teacakes.  Watch this space…..

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