Relish Product Review: Rani’s Mixture

rani-mix-group-with-great-taste-awardAs a self-confessed “snacker” I was very keen to try Rani’s Mixture.  I had read about the new product and seen  that it had won a Great Taste Award and been  described as the “taste revolution for Bombay mix”  – so was expecting good things!

I was not to be disappointed.   Firstly the packaging promises much – very premium looking – and completely different to Bombay mix packaging.  

The mixture itself was delicious – crisp and light  (none of that greasy, fried texture you can often get in snacks) with distinctive whole pieces  of ingredients –  including peanuts, cashews and curry leaves.   In fact there are seven key ingredients which are described as the Seven Wonders of Rani’s Mixture.

The spice level was perfect – initial spice taste that built with a great kick afterwards.

The fact that it is cooked in small batches  in pure sunflower oil with no added preservatives or colourings definitely contributes to the fresh tasting  natural product.  IT is also suitable for vegetarians.

I shared a large 300g pack with a group of friends which was perfect.  The products are also available in 180g and 60g packets.

If you are looking for a great fresh tasting spicy snack – you can’t go far wrong with a pack of Rani’s Mixture.  To find out more about the product you can visit