Relish offer supermarket brand Easy Bean expert help & advice

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Knowing I can call on Relish as and when I need them is a great help to my business…

Easy Bean was one of our first client projects nearly a year ago now and we are delighted to still be working with them to help them grow their brand.

Christina Baskerville, Founder & MD, initially approached Relish after reading our blog. After discussing where she was at with the brand, we agreed to carry out some consumer research to gain a deeper consumer understanding, which would then enable us to formulate a targeted communications strategy. In addition, Christina was seeking insights to increase availability and rate of sale in retailers. We were delighted to be involved in this project and conducted focus groups covering questions on packaging, 

pricing, market mapping, positioning, brand values, usage occasions, where they’d expect to buy the product and also discussed new product ideas.

Using the results of our research we then worked on the “Big Idea” bringing in our creative design team and creating concepts for a communications strategy.

Since then we have supported Easy Bean on various different projects, including ways to drive rate of sale in-store which involved us sampling and running coupon campaigns, as well as running stalls at Food Festivals. Plus, we are there at the end of the phone for any questions and marketing and sales advice needed.

Currently we manage the Twitter account for Easy Bean, a service that we’ve provided for several clients; our focus is on increasing followers and engagement to help build brand awareness and drive consumers to store to buy the Easy Bean one pot meals range.

Christina explains: “I enjoy working with Relish; it is reassuring to know that I can approach them with any project with which I need help with and they will always think creatively about the best ways to deliver it, focusing on finding the most cost-effective solutions possible.”

“As a small company, we don’t have an in-house marketing team, so knowing that I can call on Relish as and when I need them is a great help to my business,” she adds.