Relish has worked wonders for Cocoa!


Cocoa Wonderland is a delightful, chocolate shop and cafe in Sheffield who approached Relish as they were looking for help with growing the wholesale side of their business. 

A couple of months later, and  with sales and marketing planners completed they are fully armed and ready to approach the wholesale side of their business in a focussed way.  

They are a wonderful, creative company and very open to listening to new ideas, so it was a delight to work with them to help shape their future growth plans.

” After just  a few sessions Jo has worked wonders for Cocoa! Her help was mainly with the marketing side of our wholesale business. We were finding it all quite overwhelming and didn’t know where to start – with so many ideas and things that we needed to do but didn’t know how to approach them. 

Through her calm careful approach, Jo has given us clarity and direction. She has really helped us make sense of all our jumbled ideas! We have had mentors in the past who mis-understood our business and wasted our time. Jo however, understood how our business worked as soon as she walked through the door, as well as how we work as individuals. With a vast knowledge of the food industry and excellent mentoring skills, Jo’s advice, ideas and guidance have been invaluable to us and we can’t thank her enough!”

To find out more about Cocoa Wonderland visit their website –

Or if you live near Sheffield I thoroughly recommend a visit!