Relish Food Producer Review: Coconut Tarts

When Patricia initially contacted me to speak about her Coconut Tarts – I was very intrigued to try them as they sounded so different from other pastries and cakes and she had a lovely story behind her product.

The Coconut Tarts hail from the Caribbean Island of Grenada where her parents are from and both her mother and grandmother were excellent home bakers and she recalls  spending glorious Saturdays baking with her mum from the age of 8. 

When the products arrived they were beautifully packaged in a clear wrap in packs of 3 crescent shaped pastries tied delicately with a pink ribbon – they looked so pretty I was very taken before I had even sampled them!  And I was not to be disappointed…..

The pastry case was perfectly baked, you could really taste the ground almonds that had been used in the pastry, giving it an indulgent moist feel and it was sprinkled with crunchy sugar to give a lovely bite to it.  Inside was a sweet mix of freshly grated coconut which had been cooked in cinnamon and spices – the balance was perfect –  a sweet and subtly spicy flavour – but not too sweet.  I sampled them with a cup of Lady Grey for my “afternoon tea” and I loved  the fact that they were not too large making it a perfect mid-afternoon sweet treat.  I was looking forward to the remaining two the following day – but the 2 youngest members of the Relish team had polished them off!!  (They gave them a 10/10!)  

Patricia is still at the early stages of her food business and I look forward to being able to support her on her journey and wish her lots of success.