Relish coached Sweet Mandarin to win retail listings

Sweet Mandarin Sauces
Jo really helped us secure supermarket & department store listings…

Lisa & Helen Tse from Sweet Mandarin Sauces already had a successful Chinese restaurant business in Manchester when they decided to expand into bottling their gluten free dipping sauces, in response to customer demand.

Their plans took a leap forward when they secured a place on Dragon’s Den – and then won! Once the dust settled, and they began receiving calls from supermarkets, Lisa & Helen joined the Relish club and approached us to help them through the process.

Using our product costing template (available to all Relish members) and our knowledge of retailer profit margins, we worked with them to prepare the commercial elements of their retailer presentation. Then in a visit to their restaurant in Autumn 2012, we coached Lisa & Helen on dealing with buyers and what they are looking for.

Lisa & Helen Tse
“Working with  Jo really helped us to secure the supermarket and department store listings we now have – their pragmatism and experience gave us the confidence to tackle the buyers and the Relish club has given us access to lots of resources to develop our brand”
, says Lisa.