Product Review: Mortimer’s Pure Chocolate Powders

Being an avid chocolate fan, it was with delight that I opened the samples I received from Mortimer Chocolate Company recently.    They make a range of award-winning pure chocolate powders using the finest cocoas sourced from the best growing areas of the world.  

Mortimer Chocolate Powder EcuadorOn the pack it says they are delicious as a hot chocolate drink – but also ideal for recipes.  I decided to test both!

I made a hot chocolate with the West African chocolate powder as per the instructions on the pack – I didn’t add any sugar, but I can imagine if you have a sweet tooth you may want to add a bit of sugar to sweeten the drink. The West African chocolate powder is described as a mellow, dark chocolate with a deep and comforting chocolate flavour.  I can certainly concur with that – it was like a hug in a cup – really smooth and full of flavour.

Chocolate BrownieI decided to try the Chocolate Brownie recipe using the Ecuador chocolate powder which is intriguingly described as having a dark chocolate flavour which carries with it a hint of tropical spices and smoky tobacco.   All I can say is they made the best brownies ever!  I made them for when friends came over and in the time it took for me to get my camera to photograph the delicious looking plateful of brownies – they had all been eaten, bar one! 

Not only did they taste incredibly chocolatey, they were much quicker and easier to make with a chocolate powder.

I definitely now want to try a hot chocolate with the Ecuador chocolate powder.  Plus there is  a delicious recipe for sumptuous chocolate sauce on the back……

To find out more about the Mortimer Chocolate Company and their full range of 100% plain chocolate powders visit