Product Innovation for the Tour de France from Tipple Tails

I wanted to share with you the latest product from Sheffield based food producer, Tipple Tails.  Founder Jane Stammers is a passionate baker of rich, moist cakes bursting with fruit and nuts and laced with unusual, award-winning, locally-made liqueurs.  The following story just goes to show what a  weekend trip to a bike shop and a certain sporting event happening in Yorkshire in a couple of weeks can lead to product innovation wise!!

Total Fruit Cake – the Tipple Tails cakestop treat for cyclists by Jane Stammers

Total Cake pictureA visit to a specialist bike shop Bicicielo in Birmingham  last year saw the beginning of a new journey into the world of the cyclists and their passion for good cake.

Chatting to owner Andy Collis over a coffee, while hubby George got the low down on the latest bikes, led us to a topic seemingly very dear to every cyclist’s heart! Having learned that I made fruit cakes, Andy asked if I could send him some – cyclists are not very keen on the nutrition bars available to them – some see them as a necessary evil! But fruit cake – now you’re talking!

And so the Total Fruit Cake was born.

Total cake product pictureThe fruit cake was developed by working with George’s cycling group over several months and in conjunction with Andy. – No booze in this one  (unlike my other cakes). The fruit is infused with Sheffield Honey for that extra energy boost and soaked in Birdhouse Tea Company ‘Full Monty’ tea.  The cake slices are bursting with dates, apricots, nuts and vine fruit perfect for when you need that extra oomph!

Ideal to take on a bike ride or to pop into your rucksack when out in the hills!   

They can be found in stores and pubs all over Yorkshire. To see the full range of Tipple Tail cakes visit their website –