Passion and pride of small food producers

I don’t know how many of you watch “Cooks to Market “on SkyLiving – but we are big fans here at Relish and last week’s episode saw Adesso Oils up against an artisanal chocolate company. For those of you who don’t know the format, the idea is simple. Each episode features two small food producers who both get given £250 to invest in making their product and improving their brand and packaging (if deemed necessary by the experts). They then spend a day in the kitchen, followed by a day at a market selling their wares and whoever makes the most profit is the winner. The winner then gets achance to pitch their product at a panel of experts hoping to win listings and/or expert advice to help grow their brand.

What we love is the passion that the food producers have for their products and the pride they have in the quality of the products.

Adesso Oils were last week’s winners and they got to pitch their products to  Head of Brand Innovation at Waitrose and Head of Buying at Booths which was ideal for them as having been trading for nearly 4 years their aim was to increase volume and for them a listing in the supermarket was the way to achieve this.

Ok, so the panel of experts thought their branding could do with some work, and that work needed to be put into educating the consumer about usage – but it was the quality of the products that finally won them all over and they got trial listings in Booths and Waitrose (both retailers being renowned for the quality of the products they stock).   The branding and educating the consumer about usage is critical  to get right to ensure the product sells once it gets into store, but with the right marketing support this can be achieved.   The quality and taste of their products is what Adesso along with the chocolatier had so much passion for and pride in – it was fantastic to watch.   Roll on next week’s episode!

If you have similar aspirations to Adesso Oils and are looking to get your product listed in a major retailer, do drop us a line at [email protected].  We’d love to hear how you are getting on and help out if we can.