“Outsaucing” – marketing help as and when you need it

Do you have one or two people in your business who are trying to do everything –  including all the marketing planning and doing?  Do you always run out of time to get everything you want done?  

Don’t worry – you’re not alone -and help is at hand!  

We provide ‘outsauced’ (see what we did there?) resource to a variety of different businesses all of whom have one thing in common – there are not enough pairs of hands or hours in the day to get everything done!

Whether it’s helping you write your marketing plan in the first place, or actually helping you deliver it, we can provide those extra expert hands to make it all happen.    We can help with organising leaflets,  handling social media, producing a coupon, deciding on new products, running an email campaign, auditing what’s happening in your marketplace, …to name just a few…..

We’ll agree an hourly rate  and the number of hours/days you need, then we’ll be on hand to do, advise, help and generally be there as a ‘virtual’ member of your team, as and when you need us.

No staffing headaches, no hefty consultant costs, no wasted agency retainer fees – you’ll only pay for the hours and help you need, when you need it.

You can even flex the hours and days to suit your cashflow each month!    

If this sounds like what your business needs right now call Jo on  0772 335 1884 to discuss further or drop us a line at [email protected]