New packaging can attract new consumers

I came across a new canned soft drinks product the other day.  The product itself wasn’t new as I’d previously seen this in a carton but it was selling itself in a different type of packaging.  The canned soft drinks market does have a bit of an image problem with associations with being overly sweet, additive packed, made from concentrate and not actually being that good for you. 

What I loved about this product was that it had taken its pressed fruit juices and simply mixed with sparkling water and was selling it as a ‘grown up’ light and refreshing adult drink.  Cawston Press are trying to bring in new consumers from a different category that previously may not have considered buying into Cawston Press.

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 Another great bit of packaging that has recently come on to the market is Robinsons Squash’d .  This product is trying to tap into the drinks ‘on the go’ market but has done so through really innovative packaging.  Its compact size means you can keep it in your bag, easily take it to work or on your holidays, appealing to a new group of consumer and extending usage occasions. 



 These two brands have been able to attract new consumers by creating different occasions to use their products.  Things to consider when looking at new ways to grow your business might be to explore different pack sizes as this can bring in new consumers or create a new usage occasion eg. single serve as opposed to large pack sizes.  Or could your product be packed into a different type of packaging enabling you to appeal to a different consumer and potential gain a dual siting in store?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic or if you have looked at introducing new packaging to your range, how did you get on?