Maximising the Benefits from Social Media

I enjoyed writing my piece for this month’s Deli Doctor column in Speciality Food Magazine.  The theme was how delis and farmshops can make the most of social media to increase their sales.  Having worked with several delis and farmshops on their social media campaigns recently, one thing that arises again and again is how they like to use Twitter and Facebook to find new small food producers.   This got me to thinking about how important it is for all food producers to make sure they have a good profile on social media so that they can be found!

Twitter logo

On the Relish website there is a series of 7  short 5 min videos all focussing on  different aspects of how as a food or drink producer, you can make social media work harder for you.  They focus on areas such as:

Using social media to engage with consumers

Using social media to drive sales

Using social media to find PR opportunities

Using social media to test new ideas

Using social media to build your customer list

If you would like to listen in to any of the social media videos simply sign up to Relish for a free 30 day trial here – and listen in!

If you would like help with running your social media campaigns contact me at [email protected] or ring me on 0772 335 1884.