It’s how you describe it that sells it……

I’m currently working with some Canadian clients who are looking to export their food and drink products into the UK.  We have had lots of discussions about the differences between consumers and packaging and also brand names that don’t translate well to the UK market (despite having the same language!)

I’ve also spent a large part of last week writing foodie descriptors for a range of over 30 new products  for a client.  All of which has got me to thinking about how important words are for food and drink packaging.   Often a lot of focus is placed on the visuals to make it eye-catching and stand out, but the words and the product descriptor is equally important in my opinion.

There was an interesting piece of research done recently by a Canadian University to explore how descriptors of foods influenced the purchasing decision.

They took a carrot dish and labelled them in 4 different ways:  basic e.g. carrots;  healthy restrictive e.g. carrots with a sugar free citrus dressing; healthy positive – e.g. citrus carrots packed with Vitamin C; foodie e.g. carrots glazed in a tangy citrus-dressing.

You’ve probably guessed it – the foodie description won hands down.  Outselling the basic one by 25% the healthy positive by 35% and the healthy restrictive by 41%. Nolvadex is one of the most famous drugs in the treatment of breast cancer. Nolvadex is a “gold standard” of preventive treatment of female breast cancer in case of positive receptors for estrogens and progesterone. I read a lot of information about the drug at When I started taking Nolvadex I felt pain in breast tumor, bone pain, weakness, hot flashes. This reaction, which is called a “flash”, decreases during the continuation of the reception of Nolvadex. So definitely worth taking time and care over your descriptor.

Here’s a brand that I think has great food descriptors, just take a read of this, makes you want to open the pack and dive straight in!


If you want any help with names or food descriptors or copy for your website or marketing literature do drop me a line at [email protected] and I will be happy to help.

Jo & The Relish Team