How to sell more to your current customers

In the pursuit of new business, your current customers can often get overlooked.

Not only is it important to look after your current customers to ensure they remain loyal to you and that you support them so that their sales grow; don’t forget, that current customers can also be a source of additional income.

So, let’s take a little look at how you can ensure you are selling as much as possible to your current customers.

Keeping track of sales

Firstly, do you have a robust system in place that means you can track customer orders on a weekly basis and that will flag up instantly if a customer’s orders start to drop off.   This is the time to immediately get on the phone to them and see what’s happening and how you can help.  If it is early days in your business this robust system may just be a spreadsheet and ensuring that you devote the time to track orders by customer weekly.

Increase the range

Have you done a matrix of your customers and products?  A simple one on a spreadsheet will quickly highlight the gaps i.e. which customers aren’t taking all your products.    Then it’s a case of going through customer by customer and putting a case together of why they should take the products they are currently not taking.  Think about getting testimonials from other customers similar to them that stock the products and that are selling well.

Also – you might want to do a flyer with a monthly feature/discount on a particular product or range, so that when you send the orders out to your customers you can pop this in with their order to incentivise them to look at new products/ranges.

Explore all channels

What about ensuring that you have explored all routes to market with all of your customers?  For example, you may supply several farm shops, but have you considered whether you could supply any of your products to the cafes that many farm shops have?  You could even encourage them to mention your product on their café blackboard and say it’s available to buy in the shop.    Again – it’s worth going through customer by customer and highlighting all those that you can explore a different route to market.

Having a Customer Account Management Plan

Speaking to customers on a regular basis is something I am sure you all do and is so important in terms of building relationships.

Taking it one step further, I believe having a formalised Customer Account Management Plan can really help you increase your sales with current customers.

This is where you document how often you are going to call them and what you are going to call them about.  Some examples that you could include are:

  • Commit to calling them monthly in order to tell them about a top-selling or new product that they currently don’t list.
  • Commit to introducing yourself to someone new in the business every x months e.g. Café Manager, Assistant Shop Manager …
  • Commit to meeting the owners of the business every x months.
  • Invite them to your premises on an annual basis

I hope this has given you some ideas to follow up on.  If you would like any further help with managing your customers, please do get in touch at [email protected] or  call Jo on 0772 335 1884.