How to make your sales dreams become a reality

Motivated after SummerI have been doing more 1-2-1 coaching for food clients this year – which I absolutely love.  It is so rewarding to be able to work closely with food businesses to help them achieve the growth they are looking for.

At the beginning of January I asked one particular client to tell me what their ideal sales win would be for 2018.  They told me the name of the retailer and said it had been their dream for 5 years – but that really it was just a dream as they couldn’t really see their products there.

They had been trying to get into this retailer along with various others for some time, but had never really believed it to be possible so hadn’t ever really put everything behind it.

I asked them to stop calling it their dream and to make it their no.1 sales goal for 2018.  We wrote a plan where this goal was one of their key targets they needed to hit this year.  We then wrote a list of everything that needed to happen internally in their business to make it happen.

It turns out that not having the belief in in themselves was one of the key barriers, they just didn’t think it was possible.

We then delved further into what had prevented them from gaining a listing in this retailer.  They were scared that should they win this big retailer, their processes and procedures within their business weren’t robust enough to service this customer to a high standard.

So a few weeks of brainstorming, scoping out current procedures and looking at how everything could be improved and streamlined followed.   We got it to a standard that meant if the 2 key personnel were off, all the processes were well documented and easy to follow so that business could carry on efficiently.

So they now believed their product was good enough to supply this retailer; they had confidence in their processes were volumes to increase significantly – all they needed to do now was to get the meeting!

The following week they got the much sought after meeting and got a listing confirmed that very day!  As you can imagine celebrations followed!

I’m not saying achieving your sales goals doesn’t take a lot of hard work, but sometimes having that belief in yourself and your product really can help.  Sometimes you are so involved  with the day to day work that you forget how fabulous your product is!

So, start believing, write down your one key sales goal – and start making your dreams become reality!